Artisan Bakery

Rye & Dough Bakery comes from the name of our head baker and owner Ryan Doux. Ryan has come from a family of French artisan bakers since 1921 (four generations of dedicated bakers). He arrived in Melbourne in 2015 and create Rye + Dough in 2020.

Our Levain: Our “levain” (or sourdough) is organic and more than 40 years old. We refine it daily with care, it is the key to our bread and the pride of our work.

Our method: When making our products, we use traditional French and European technics. All of our products are handmade by experienced bakers and pastry chefs, which ensures authenticity. We take pride in using only raw ingredients without adding any food additive to our recipes and always chose to work with local Victoria partners first.

The Rye & Dough team bakes our handmade loaves of bread and pastries daily in our bakery in St Kilda. Everything we bake, make or sell embodies our passion for artisan methods and delicious food.

Rye & Dough Bakery uses traditional European expertise and recipes to create the best products. Our artisan bakery researches and uses the best raw materials to create the perfect products. Our Bakers and pastry chefs team made 100% of the production by hand in St Kilda’s kitchen.

We create exceptional breads and viennoiseries using the best natural ingredient, mostly organic ones, to make incredibly tasty products. The famous specialities as Casalinga bread, beef ragu pie and Rye + Dough special doughnut – our bombolone.

We are
  • Bakers
  • Pastry Chefs
  • Passionate
Making a croissant
Rye and Dough Bakery Croissant Layers
Rye & Dough Choc Brioche
Rye & Dough Almond Croissant
Rye & Dough Bombolone
Rye & Dough Escargot


Traditions are essential at our bakery.
Rye & Dough has been using recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.


Our items are made fresh daily, and you can pre-order here for pickups at Rye + Dough Bakery in St Kilda.